Friday, 28 September 2012

Meeting of Materials

Our first project of the second year is Meeting of Materials

The Brief: 4 Week project

The Joining and Meeting of material techniques and processes is a key issue for anyone work in the decorative arts.How we combine materials, utilise techniques and synthesis processes , can leads us towards new working practices and eventually to exciting finished work.You are required to produce a series of Object that demonstrate working in combination.

Through research today  I have found an excellent display of jewellery doing this at Lesley Craze Gallery, I especially like Tania Clarke Hall's Freeform collection.

Considering the idea of the meeting of material and concept, I am really struck by the work of Steffen Dam, his curious glass panels fuse specimen jars with the application of attentive glass work

Cabinet of Curiosities, 2010
Further consideration, in terms of the meeting of process and material, exciting work can be made like the surface design of Drummond Masterton where digital craft technology creates bowls like this: 

From the Star Tessellation series
 Other interesting combinations can be found in the work of Stuart Cairns. His extensive utensils collection are delicate, clever and compelling:

2 Tea spoons
Nail Ladle
South Korean Ja-kyung Shin similarly explores the act of making through materials and process, like here with In My Hands (2009) which concentrates on the process of electroforming:

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