Friday, 28 September 2012

Back with a Bump

It's been 3 months since my last post - eeeek!! Some of that has been due to blogger telling me I have used up all the available space(?!) but mostly because I've been away visiting family and moving Mike into the house - which is great!

I'm going to try and upload some images in this post, as I'm guessing that's been the problem, but having deleted some image heavy drafts and also assigning myself a tumblr account I might be able to work my way around it, fingers crossed!

So, starting again, here are some drawings that I did in Lisbon:

silhouettes of people by the Terreiro do Paco, Tagus River

drawing at the Oceanario

Some are more successful than others, as I'm still experimenting with drawing on location. I am attempting each drawing with a variety of media and technique, which inevitably results in a mixed outcome! I'm curious as to how my summer drawings will translate into work, but that will come with time and more experiments I am sure! 

I'm excited for going back to uni and exploring new ways of working and making again. I feel the summer has been a great time in which to reflect and explore but now its time to learn about application again. If this is a successful post then there will be more to come on my return to year 2 so, w a t c h . t h i s . s p a c e !  

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