Sunday, 4 September 2011

Operation: Decorate House!

After months of sourcing and over-coming my nerves, I finally started decorating my house!

Living Room before
and after
Dining Room
with wallpapering just finished
And with pictures up!
which is lovely anyway
it just needed some bits and bobs
and some colour!
The black trim was inspired by the Mucha mirror and prints that I had
I think it looks rather classic!
1st floor corridor before
and after!
Further down the corridor during preparation
and afterwards!
I was at my most creative whilst decorating this corridor
Inspired by travels and a love for old bits of paper
it was a great big cut and paste project! I loved it!
All of these maps were found in a bin in a secondhand book shop
I picked them up for mere pennies
A much cheaper way than buying expensive world map wallpaper at £70+ per roll!!!
Bedroom before
and after!
Inspired by a peacock   

and filled with my favourite colour!

My very clever mum even made me this quilt to go with it!
It's quite the compliment, don't you think? And that really is some ultra impressive detailing - thanks very much mum!!
Up to the top floor
which now looks all ocean like
and that skylight just bounces off the blue making it so bright and inviting..
..which is great really cause it leads up to my top floor studio!
which I've now settled into and is full of things to help me make and create
I knew all this stuff would come in use one day!

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