Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Finishing the Summer Project

My last two weeks of the project! 

Baking a carrot cake for Raphael
My last day working for Raphael!
Visiting the Harley Gallery for the AMAZING Precious exhibition
Visiting Sheffield for Dave's birthday
Using our Groupon voucher for a beautiful meal at Chennai
Making a dress from a charity bedcover!
Inspired by my peacock bedroom
redesigning Paty's flyer
A surprise letter from my mum!
Some lovely Mail Art!
Lavender and tomatoes
Orchid popping into flower!

At the time of uploading I have now started uni (woopee!!) I'm giving myself a week's break on the sketchbook and enjoying all things enrollment, new faces and induction! The course starts for 'real' on Monday October 3rd, so I aim to continue with the sketchbook then until it is full! Then hopefully, after a workshop in book binding, I can have a go at making my own!!!

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