Thursday, 20 March 2014

Not Long Now... really isn't!? With Easter break only a week away, time is a ticking.... 

I'm excited about these next few months though, and feel very honoured to be working alongside such talented people. It has been so great watching the skill level shoot sky high in recent months and there is such a buzz of activity in the studio, it's great going in everyday :) In terms of my own work, I don't want to disclose too much on here before the finish now, as there is still a level of mystique required before seeing the end product(s)! There has been a lot of talk this week regards degree show set up and about how we might be wanting to display our work. Having the showcase just recently has been great for that, looking at how and what people have been putting on show. 

My work for the show was this: 

There was a breakage in the right hand vessel before putting it up, and in a way, I actually quite like it! Learning to embrace the 'happy accidents' is half the fun of the creative journey... 

On that topic, the work of late has taken a bit of a turn...frustrated by the nature of the objects becoming 'just vessels' (due to the nature of their slip-cast process), I cut the bases off and started re-addressing their purpose, or non-purpose as it were: 

Altering them in this way began offering up new opportunities:

and with the successes of some recent glaze testing:

and considerations over where the process stops and the product/object begins:

there has been plenty of scope for a range of new objects:

Thinking about it, I might just leave that one there - as a final image before the completed collection...! There's lots to be getting on with in the meantime; business cards and a website to design, the more finalized pieces of the collection to make, glazing to do, pictures to take (with my new DSLR - well I had to treat myself to something after 8000 words didn't I!?) more drawing to do, paperwork to get in order... etc etc etc etc etc etc....

Here's to the next few months - what will be going up in my space....?

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