Friday, 7 March 2014


Each year on Decorative Arts, the 3rd year of the course brand themselves for their final year exhibition. We have called ourselves Creō (the latin of create) and since the end of last year we have been fundraising for the production of our end of year brochure. 

Remember the Before I Die... event? That kicked us off raising over £400! Since then, we have held an auction: 

where I secured these wins:

We also held a Christmas Fair:

selling drawings from the sketchcrawl:

plus other items from everyone on the course:

And after creating our brand logo, we hosted a really exciting showcase

Instigated by the lovely Melody

We held a one day pop up show with everyone from the course contributing some work. It was a great success, and secured some more funds for the brochure too - yippee!

You can follow Creō on facebook, twitter and instagram where we will be uploading exciting news and events

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