Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New year, New term = time for making new friends!

So, it's the start of Year 3 - eeeek! It's the big one, the one where we're meant to know what the hell we want to do (?!) and the one that counts.

To start the year off and make it feel that little bit less daunting, I thought it would be nice to arrange an event for all the year groups. To help instigate a dialogue between us all and make us feel more part of a 'whole course' rather than three separate studios I thought what better way to do that than through a whole day of drawing and socialising...I’m going to hold a Sketchcrawl! 

It will coinside with the Worldwide Sketchcrawl event on 19th October and will consist of an all day drawing event around different venues and events in Nottingham. 

The idea being that there is this rough guide for people to drop in and out of as they feel suits during the day, (so that those working/other commitments etc can still make things) create a nice social atmosphere for whole of the course to get along and ultimately produce a nice range of drawings! 

All drawings from 3rd years will be curated for a show, that will run 18th November - 2nd December alongside the NTU exhibition drawology, and another event I'm involved with at the Uni - a student led exhibition called Drawing Is... 

There's been some really keen interest for the day so I'm excited for what it might produce. 

Our rough plan for the day so far:

Meet in Market Square to draw 10 - 11.30/12 (weather dependent)
Move on to Castle 12 - 1.30/2 to take in Nottingham Open exhibition (and draw grounds/cityscape from above)
Head for buffet lunch at Red Hot Buffet (it's got an amazing interior of global mishmash all themed around travel!) 2 - 3.30/4
Head to Canalhouse bar for drawing and sharing of work done so far/social 4 - 6pm
Then, for those still up for it, carry on to Beeston for some live music at Oxjam

Sounds good huh? Fingers Crossed for some good weather, it will be nice to get out and about. 

Well, here's to the start of a challenging year ahead then, still can't believe this is the final year!

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