Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Moodboards, maquettes, moulds and motivation

Now we're back and in the swing of things, I thought it time to update a bit on where I'm up to...

It was suggested that for our first tutorial we present a moodboard of our current thinking in terms of themes, colours, ideas etc so, taking a lot of inspiration from my time in Spain I collated some images to suggest notions of my brief:

Then, just to get me going and practice what being back in the workshops is all about(!?) I made some moulds for slip-casting from domestic cloths. I have been wanting to try this out for a while, after reading about the work of Bas Kools last year.

The texture is really interesting and the manipulation of the fabric is fairly giving

This could open up some exciting new moulds and models!

I tried sampling with some less structured dishcloths too, but the weight was a problem as you poured the slip out, think I'll have to pay a visit to the plaster room...

This might be interesting once fired and burnt out though! 

I've also been developing some ideas in regards layering and windows and thinking about stitch in ceramic for installation.

I'd like to try some screen printing in ceramics this term 
and use a lot more drawing and mark making in my work.

Detail from my inital brief for this year:

Aims and objectives

1.     Define a theme
With a continued interest in the juxtaposition of non-conventional materials, I will explore the tangibility of ceramics and latex and engage with the opposing qualities of each material.

Treating ceramics as a soft, almost textile material, I will apply traditional methods of manipulation such as stitching, whilst considering latex in terms of its ability to cast and encapsulate. Using the qualities of each to play against one another I aim to create a curious aesthetic in a collection of un-functional objects for installation.

I will also be developing a relationship between hand drawn marks and surface manipulation. Having developed a number of drawing sketchbooks over the past two years I wish to exploit the marks that I have made on their pages. I am looking to embed these into the ceramic and latex surfaces, introducing layers and textures into the work through various additional materials.

2.     Visual Research and Analysis
I will work from my current sketchbooks of drawings to develop a range of marks for sampling and prototypes. I will create a new palette of 3D marks through this process and will draw from these to further investigate the marks that are being made.

I will continue my routine engagement with drawing and maintain an additional body of reference in the form of photographs and colour work.

I will focus my artist research on work produced using similar materials and techniques; with examples of those made for commission and installation works.

So, I hope to update with some exciting makes and discoveries this coming term, and although it all feels a little overwhelming, this is the last big push before the real world comes along!

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