Thursday, 13 June 2013

Arrange, Drape, Position and...Shoot!

Today was the day of the photo shoot for the magazine! Using all the materials I had selected from material lab, plus the samples sent to Sally from companies, it was a case of trying out some moodboards/compositions:

These were near enough the chosen two!

Considering the whole palette and trying to hit it all over the two page spread it was a case of balancing colours, textures and dimensions, then it was on to the softer materials...

The chosen fabrics!

Swatches of each material needed sorting into reference notes

Then it was time for the shoot!

Poonum was photographer
Sally arranges materials
And the shoot was done!

I spent the rest of the day typing up the details of each material, to be used as copy in the magazine. 

From start to finish this has been a really interesting process. All the stages, elements and attention, then dropping it in to InDesign et voila! Magazine ready for proofing! The magazine will be published in August so watch this space!

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