Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Before I Die I want to....

We held a fundraiser last week to raise some money for our course. It was a really successful event raising over £400! There are lots of pictures up our facebook page, take a look! 

As part of the event we had a stall selling our work, and a table showing sketchbooks. 

I left some post its out so people leafing through could note which pages they liked. It was a good way of getting some feedback on work. These pages were highlighted from my sketchbooks: 

I was surprised by this one as I hate this drawing!!
pleased by this one though - it's very much in tune with
where my work is heading right now!

It has got the whole course in buzz about events and fundraising ideas which is great! Back to work this week though and hopefully some more updates on here, it's been too long (again).

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