Thursday, 8 March 2012

Life Drawing

Uni has been so busy this term! I'm already two projects down and only two weeks left until Easter break! I've delivered one presentation and have another one on its way..I've had little time to upload on here and feel very behind?! I've also felt very neglective of life drawing and after a chat about what's important for me and making time for those things, I took it up again last week.

As I've been saying, I want to try new approaches to mark making this year. I've signed up to a drawing holiday and recently met with the tutor, Martyn Blundell. He took a look at my portfolio and suggested I try a continuous line approach. It makes you look harder and I wasn't sure how I was going to find it (because it's easy to be lazy with a fluid sketchy line!) But I really enjoyed it and am going to stick with it for a while. It's a bit Egon Schiele (which isn't such a bad thing!?) and much like his work it becomes an economical application of line...

I'd like to practice with this for the rest of the term - then I want to play with some colour! There's not enough time in a 20 minute sketch to do this, unless I work REALLY quickly and that sort of goes against what I want out of this exercise.

So, here are my drawings from last week...

5 minute warm ups
First Pose: 20 minutes...good upper body, lower needs work..
Second Pose: 20 minutes...looking harder, but what are those feet all about!?
Third Pose: 20 minutes...head, shoulder and forearm ok - I was trying to fit it all on the page and lost it with the legs a bit
20 minute end pose - I really enjoyed this one! Perspective of legs need a little more attention but the upper body again seems solid
Conclusion: Hands and feet need practice, perspective awareness - consider and measure more acurately, try pen, think about colour and draw draw draw, more more more!

And from this week (in pen!) :

5 minute warm ups
First Pose: 20 minutes, good upper body, heavy from the tummy
Second Pose: 20 minutes: upper body good, arm a bit wonky and ill proportioned. Rest of body in better proportion but too big to fit onto the page!
Third Pose: 20 minutes with stool. A much better attempt at this pose than last week, legs in much better proportion/perspective. Arms look a bit disjointed....?
Final Pose: 20 minutes - difficult pose! upper body better than lower body but still not that great!?
Unfortunately, at the end of this session I found out that it was the last one of the year :( Gutted that I'd missed out this term, but at least I know for next year!!! I'm still going to keep a regular drawing schedule though - it makes me really happy!

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