Thursday, 9 February 2012

Craving for the New Extraordinary

I've been lent the book Illustration: Play 2 Craving For The New Extraordinary and as it suggests, it hosts some incredible contemporary illustrator-makers!
Craving for the New Extraordinary. A totally unique collection of works that focuses on a return to experimental and individual techniques, such as paper cutting, stitching, knitting, needlework, origami, patchwork and more. From pure and simple to hugely complex these artworks offer enormous diversity both in the skills brought to each project and the originality evident in each piece. Interviews with the artists take the viewer into the studios in which the works were created and reveal where these great talents find their inspiration. Artists featured are from all over the globe and represent many different cultures.
Here are some of my favourites from its pages:

Dan-ah Kim creating magical tales in gouche, ink and thread...

 Jennifer Khoshbin using books to manipulate, illustrate and transform...


Alli Coate making lovely illustrative textile/collage...

 Ana Ventura using wonderful papers to make her lovely and amazing dolls!

Gregory Euclide creating imaginative landscapes, I really love his capture series!

Serverija Incirauskaite Kriauneviciene is inventive with embroidery...

 Ron van der Ende is drawing * enormous * sculptures with scrap bits of wood!

Whilst Walton Creel is drawing with bullets!

All in all some really imaginative work - well worth the investment - or a quick peek!

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