Tuesday, 26 August 2014

An end to the beginning...again

After the emotional roller coaster that is finishing the degree, the summer has already played out some new tunes... Remember the house I was saying goodbye to last summer? Well, it took a little longer to go than we had intended and just last week I packed it all up and sent its furniture off to store.

It's funny how we can become attached to objects, furniture in particular. I have a house full of pieces acquired from secondhand stores, the stories in them much more appealing than anything you can buy off the showroom floor or the warehouses of IKEA.

That house had been in our family for some 50 years. So many memories shared, so many meals had, such laughter, such joy and only in recent months has it been so sad.

It was pointed out to me that I would be the last standing member of our family in that house, I would be the last one to see it for the very last time. It felt fitting then after clearing it of its contents that I take one last walk around and say a fond farewell to each of its rooms. I had left some mirrors up on the wall for the new occupants - what stories these mirrors have seen and been told. As I said goodbye I noticed my reflection and with my camera to record the last moments I took a self portrait in each of the mirrors I encountered. Looking back in makes for an interesting collection, what do you think?

It will now be some months before I see that furniture again when I will be ready for starting a new venture. I hope to map the next stages of my creative journey on here, or find room to share it elsewhere. 

What a great document this blog has turned out to be; mapping my end, charting my beginning and setting the stage for my future.  


  1. Great way to be a part of the house as its final family visitor. Well done!