Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sketchcrawls and Burlesque Balls

This week has been full of some really lovely drawing experiences - yay! 

First of all I took part in another sketchcrawl around nottinghamWe started off in The Exchange Arcade:

and I was very taken with the ceiling:

It started getting chilly so we packed up tools and head off to the Malt Cross
on our way we passed this picture perfect pigeon parade...

 Inside the ever so beautiful Malt Cross were some very welcome armchairs: 

delightfully hung bunting: 

compositional glassware: 

 After re-fuelling, it was time for the next venue: 

Nottingham Contemporary for the exhibitions Marvin Gaye Chetwynd and Tala Mandani

There was a participatory performance happening in the main gallery, 
aptly encouraging you to draw! 

Here's Laura taking part:

and my drawing of the drawing 'happening' :

Members of the crawl drawing from inside the Cat Bus:

and a quick detailing of some of the costumes on display:

Then, on Saturday, I went along to my first dr sketchy event! Yes!

I've been wanting to go to one for ages and after hearing they held one in Nottingham 
(plus a nudge from Laura) it finally happened! 

This ended up being their first date of the year so there was a real buzz about the crowd (a good 20 strong I'd say). I wasn't too sure what to expect, or what I needed to have with me so I loaded up like and art shop pack horse and took far too much material with me (surprise surprise!) Heavy-weight sketchpad in hand however I got started...

The poses were really quick, 5 min warm-ups to begin with:

With fantastic costumes to consider, fab music playing and all that difficult life drawing proportion stuff running around your head it made for a really interesting (albeit stressful at points) experience!

The poses got a little longer (10 mins) and there was talk of prizes...

Each 'round' of drawings from then on was judged by the model, and prizes were distributed to their favourites - what a great incentive for creating good mark-making!

I really enjoyed this longer pose (20 mins) and was rather taken by the feathery bustle 
(as you can probably tell!):

A half hour comfort break then back to some 5 minutes:

A few performances from the models plus a longer pose, where I wanted to get down some of the contrasting colours in the room:

More short studies with the alternating models:

And a final combination pose:

 that actually won me some prizes! 
(it's definitely not my strongest drawing of the day but hey, who's complaining!?!)

Here's my tote bag and zine win:

The bag's designed by Dr Sketchy organizer Charlotte Thompson 
and the zine by Sketchcrawl North contributor Andrea Joseph - wow!! Dead chuffed :)

I'm definitely going to try and make the next one (12th April) and will be recommending it to the now formed uni sketchcrawl crew! It was such a fun day out whilst making some interesting and alternative work in the progress - win-win!!

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