Friday, 22 March 2013

Update, Easter!?

We break up for Easter today and you know what, I'm ready for it! It's felt a long term. There's been lots to think about and prepare for. The weather at the moment is horrible too, it's Spring, and SNOWING - what?!

All of that aside though, I felt like I've had a good few weeks. Here's what I've been up to...

latex sampling and my very cluttered workspace!
latex and lighting?
an interesting new fruit to me Eddoes
I liked the texture and the form, it worked well with some of my samples
I bought a melon too
lovely markings
that texture is just delicious!

I found half a fan cover in the freecycle space at uni - why pick it up? to latex it of course!
or use it to draw into?
texture left on latex as it was drying on a sheet of greaseproof, the crease lines are lovely!
2 part slipcasting moulds
a latex mould of the eddoes
to work as a light bulb/cover?

Over the break I have a few things planned...

I'm booked on to the symposium Marking The Line: Ceramics and Architecture, heading over to the Pitt Rivers Museum for some drawing, attending the Living In Threads exhibition and Erik Kessels: Album Beauty. I'm also booked on to a Trend Forecasting Workshop with Trend Boutique - should be a fun couple of weeks!

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