Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Wizard of Wonderland

It was my sister's Hen do on 5th June and after much debating over what kind of theme, she decided our fate lay in the hands of the characters from Alice In Wonderland & The Wizard of Oz! So, we had a tasty tea-party and some cocktails getting ready.... and on the guest-list was:

The Hen herself, Dorothy
 complete with Toto basket (bag)!

The Queen of Hearts...
...with Alice and friends
The Mad Hatter

The Scarecrow, The Cheshire Cat AND The Cowardley Lion

The Wicked Witch of The West
The caterpillar
and me as the White Rabbit!
And check out my time piece! I made it from a broken Primark necklace!
soon it was time for tequila...?
or maybe it wasn't?!
We were out on the roof terrace at Saltwater before it RAINED!

so we took some group photos
got drunk!
and had a dance
then we played on the escalator, before using our VIP passes to get into Gatecrasher!
and I just LOVE  this photo!

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