Sunday, 19 June 2011

Jewelery Making Workshop with Tanvi Kant

I went to a Jewelery Making workshop at Nottingham Castle today, run by the artist Tanvi Kant. I had a great day and was introduced to her working process of twisting, binding, knotting and stitching offcuts of unwanted materials. It was just lovely, working with beautiful saris and dress making offcuts. The processes of the day help to develop an understanding of the real content of the cloth. 

The workshop ran alongside the exhibition 'Lost & Found' which was part of 'Critical Cloth' and 'Remainders'. The three exhibitions "examine how artists use garments and materials with a previous life, transforming them into something unique and far removed from their past associations or uses."
It was very inspiring set of exhibitions and I went twice to visit it! I really loved the work of Lucy Brown, Shelly Goldsmith, Amy Houghton, Tanvi Kant, Daniel Marcus Clark and Rhiannon Williams.

Here are some images from the workshop:
This piece includes handmade ceramic pieces, which was a process she started when she took Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University...the same course I'm about to start!

the material we got to work with
 me working on my binding 

Tanvi wearing a piece from her collection and showing how she loops her creations to make those beautiful neck pieces
Tanvi showing us how she uses the Bandhani technique in her work
which creates pieces that look like this!

my piece at the end of the workshop
and here are some much more sophisticated pieces...those from Tanvi's collection!
I love the piece on the right - really beautiful forms are created by simple process of looping

I love how delicate this is...
...and that with a piece of similar length, once bound, structural textured pieces like this can be created

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